grubbiest fox gallery

~ just an art dump ~

Hi folks. Here I will eventually post some stuff I made. I am struggling with and an old, low quality drawing tablet. Some of the animation is made in PS7 (i know...ancient), and ImageReady.
Some is literally just paper and a digital camera.
I prefer traditional pencil on paper to be honest, but it's really such a hassle to make animations that way.

As for myself, here's some lil facts:

*born in 1988.
*location: north of norway.
*pets: currently 3 cats +fish.
*fav movies: the 'burbs, midnight run, angel heart, hackers. (++++).
*fav music: morten abel, the september when, the weeknd, opera, synthwave, vaporwave, prog. rock, old funk.
*fav tv shows: old simpsons, seinfeld, lots of british/scandinavian crime, zombielars, heartbeat. (++++)

Anyway, I'm just gonna post some random drawings and stuff here. There's no logic to what gets posted and in what order. And most of it is extremely scaled down, mostly cause I don't want my "originals" online (lmao), but also because of bandwidth. I mean, nobody needs the full versions of these This site is a work in progress. I will try to make it a little better. But then again, it's still just a lil art dump.

This page is still active, I just have not had the time to post much, let alone draw. I scrapped a bunch of projects, never even started some, was overworked for a long ass time and still am.
But I might have some more doodles at some point.


october 2020
october 2020. just a phone background i wanted to make. used simpsons as a reference.

october 2019
october 2019. a lil slimey sneeze.

october 2017
october 2017. a real old one. i was a bit down on my self.

january 2019
january 2019. originally i started this in october 2018, but i put it away for some time, idk why. this was just something i made after joji's music video "test drive".

may 2020
may 2020. for my birthday i made a lil image that i made into stickers. i gave some stickers away to friends and family. quite happy with it, although it's not that good.

april 2020
april 2020. i was (and still am) blasting the weeknds new album "after hours" and made this thing. i'm not very happy with it at all, but i had to let it go
or i would have had to do it all over. i used simpsons (bart's bedroom) as reference. what an album.

may 2020
may 2020, just a quick sketch I kinda thought was a little wacky and cute.

october 2019
october 2019. made this for halloween. i like messing around with traditional animation, but my setup isn't the best so it's quite finicky and annoying, lol.

january 2019
january 2019. i was always really into walking and running animation even as a kid. so i tried my hand at one.

old sketch
unknown date (2020/2021). just some doodling from countless hours watching stuff on youtube.

october 2020
october 2020. i made this as a...uh, heartbeat fanart? lol not really. but it was just a type of "i want to listen to sgt merton on the police radio" type thing. mmmm.

june 2019
june 2019. another running animation.

unknown date
more unknown (2020/2021). i've been looking through my drawing books/papers.

may 2021
may 2021. i had this animated with rains and some stuff but it got botched big time. turned into crap, and i cant figure out a way to get it to a .gif anyway on this old pc. i've only got it as a video file and ughhht the effort. so here's the unanimated version.

august 2021
i got Krita some time ago and decided to test it out. it was quite overwhelming and i've never been good with digital drawing programs. i'm still struggling to learn Paint.Net, so we'll see. i haven't used Krita since, ehe..

anoher one from august 2021
here's a second try-out sketch from Krita.